Batman Movies

Batman has always been a fascinating character created by DC Comics. Winning commendable reviews from the critics, all the Batman series have proved to be a success at the box office. The fan following of the comic character 'Batman’ is a major reason behind the same and has led the makers to produce a number of sequels of the original piece.

The first Batman movie, also called Batman: The movie, was released in 1966 and was based on the Batman television series. The reviews of the movie show a good response from the start up. The film got an average rating of 6.2 out of 10 (taking into consideration ratings from all the critics).

The second film, which came up in 1989, introduced us to the evil character 'The Joker’. Being the fifth highest grossing film in the history at the time of its release, this Batman movie was an example of box office excellence. Due to this reason 'Batman’ was able to grab the Academy Award.

In 1992, under the banner of 'Warner Bros’, 'Batman Returns’ was released after the immense success of the first movie in the series was witnessed in 1989.The renowned character of Cat-woman and Max Shreck was introduced in this part of the series. Although this movie did a good job in the theatre, yet it did not make as much profits as its previous version.

'Batman Forever’, being the third film in the Batman series, was released in 1995 with the advent of 'Robin’ in the movie. This film was a bit more family-oriented than its previous releases. The critical reviews were mixed, but the film became a financial success.

This was followed by the last movie of the series, 'Batman & Robin’, which was released in 1997. The title clearly tells us that the film was based on the adventures of the duo. The film got extremely negative reviews after screening.

In an attempt to regain the lost glory of the series, 'Batman Begins’ was released in 2005. This showcased the origin of Batman and received positive response from all over.

A sequel to the same was released in 2008 as 'The Dark Knight’. The famous tagline, “Why so serious?” Was brought up for the marketing of this movie. The film was an utter success with 8 Academy Awards to its name.

The final movie in this trilogy was 'The Dark Knight Rises’, released in 2012. This is the 11th highest grossing film of all time in which Batman is seen to come out of his retirement to save Gotham City.

'Batman Vs Superman’ is in making to be released in 2016. The film is anticipated to become another commercial success just as the previous ones based on the character of Batman.